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Fuji Bicycles

World Cup Ski & Cycle sells Fuji bicycles!
Just before the turn of the century in 1899, Japan’s Fuji bicycle brand was born. From the get-go, the goal was to make the best bicycles ever, and, with over a century of experience, Fuji still adheres to the highest standards and is constantly at the forefront of bicycle technology.

World Cup Ski & Cycle has Fuji road bikes!
To prove this, all you have to do is look at Fuji’s past. It's decorated with accomplishments and always forward-thinking bicycle designs. For example, in 1964 Fuji’s chief engineer, Dr. Shoichiro Sugihara was both the coach and bicycle designer for Japan's National Team. Throughout the seventies Fuji pushed the cycling envelope with standout innovations and quality. And, more recently, the Mercury Professional Cycling Team rode Fujis to over 70 victories, making it the top professional cycling team in America, plus Fuji recently launched its first Pro Tour team, Fuji-Servetto.

With over a century of bicycle manufacturing and top-level racing experience like this, Fuji carries their expertise into all areas of cycling. From elite-level road bikes to trail-taming dual suspensions, Fuji offers the best in cycling in every model. Likewise, you’ll find total convenience and comfort in their line of commuter, cruiser, and hybrid bikes. You always get a quality ride at a great price with Fuji.
Fuji bicycles are a blast for kids and adults! Get yours today at World Cup Ski & Cycle
And, let's not forget about the kids. Fuji makes a variety of bicycles for children of all ages and abilities. From tot rods with training wheels, to bikes ready for action, we have a great selection of bicycles your kids will love.

So stop in soon and take a look at our wide selection of Fuji bicycles. Whichever one you choose, you’ll love the ride!